Simulation. The most effective way of learning.

Risk-free environment


Life-like simulations and eLearning offer learners the opportunity to practice, make mistakes and apply refined skills in a realistic context without risk of harming machinery, environments or people.     

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Engaged, confident employees


Training through simulation builds confidence and competence which, in turn, increases employee engagement and improves learning outcomes.          

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Reduced costs


On-site training can incur high costs in terms of time to organize it as well as time spent away from the job. In contrast, simulations provide convenient training anytime, anywhere, and can be repeated as often as desired.       

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Continuous training


Training doesn't have to be "on-the-job" all the time. Simulation learning can be accessed on all  tethered or mobile devices, so learners can get "just in time" access whenever they need it. 

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Instant assessment


Simulation learning programs provide immediate assessment and feedback, even as learners are completing the tasks.  For compliance purposes, this can be recorded.                                                More ...

Complete learning


Traditional training is often simplified, linear and removed from the real-world context. Online learning, and more specifically simulation learning, bridges the gap between theory and practice.  


Easily add simulation to your training program.

DIY sims


Our easy to use authoring platform allows you to build truly immersive simulations.  The integrated planning tool allows you to storyboard even complex branched scenarios, cutting creation time for online learning by half.

Export to your own LMS via SCORM or use our learner engagement manager.

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Off-the-shelf sims


Choose from a vast array of professionally designed online learning courses. With a pedigree in the complex world of medical education, where we built a leadership position with, we cater for all industries, providing training to tens of thousands of learners worldwide.


We build your sims


Our team of online learning designers and creators work with your subject matter experts to build effective and engaging simulation-based training modules that meet your specific needs.

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Become a partner


We provide our partners with their own partner portal among other tools, plus regular business forums and unparalleled technical and domain support for all of their online learning development requirements.


SimuLearn. The global leader in simulation-based learning.

Technical expertise

 With a global team of highly experienced mobile and web experts, we’re able to work with different technologies and platforms, ensuring smooth and seamless integrations with your business. We’re well versed in a variety of operating systems, networks and databases. This allows us to work on projects of any size efficiently and effectively.

Content expertise

 As simulation learning experts, we design and create highly effective, interactive online learning for any industry type. Our industry subject matter experts are able to advise on the latest procedures and practices - this is vital, especially in the healthcare sector and other high-risk industries. 

Support and services

   The  success of SimuLearn hinges on our customers and their satisfaction, and that's why we pride ourselves on having the best customer support ever.  Our team is comprised of experts not just in our platforms and content, but also in educational science - how and why simulation learning works, and how to make it work for you.


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